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Black Lives Matter: Sky Sports statement

Sky outlines commitments to help tackle racial injustice

Last Updated: 02/07/20 12:08pm

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang takes a knee ahead of Manchester City vs Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang takes a knee ahead of Manchester City vs Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang takes a knee ahead of Manchester City vs Arsenal

Sky Sports is committed to doing more to tackle racism, highlight racial injustice and support communities impacted by racism.

Our support is for the moral cause and campaign, that Black Lives Matter, rather than for any political organisation.

We support the Premier League, its clubs and players who are making a powerful collective statement, that Black lives matter and there is no room for racism.

Sky has made a number of commitments to tackle racial injustice and support anti-racism. As part of this, some of our pundits have chosen to wear Black Lives Matter badges on air and others are choosing to support the anti-racism cause in many other ways.

Sky’s Commitments to Help Tackle Racial Injustice

Sky has committed to support anti-racism and improve diversity and inclusion. Our commitments include:

1. Improve Black and minority ethnic representation at all levels

Sky will deliver real and lasting change by improving its Black and minority ethnic representation at all levels, especially in its senior leadership. Sky will put targets in place to measure progression of under-represented groups throughout the organisation.

2. Make a difference in communities impacted by racism

Sky will support anti-racism charities to make a difference in communities impacted by racism. This will include a significant financial contribution towards the fight for racial equality, and supporting causes affecting Black and minority ethnic communities and those working to improve lives.

3. Use the power of Sky’s voice and platform to highlight racial injustice

Sky will use the power of its voice and reach to highlight issues of racial injustice by developing significant new content. Sky will also continue its work to help improving wider Black and minority ethnic representation in front of and behind the camera. Sky Sports will do more to drive change and is committed to this across all Sky Sports platforms and channels.

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