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MVP unsure if Chisora will move to MMA

Bellator’s Michael ‘Venom’ Page is unsure if Derek Chisora will move to MMA, believing that all his focus is on boxing at the moment.

‘Del Boy’ has discussed a potential switch to the cage in recent weeks, as he continues to assess his options.

However, MVP told Sky Sports that he feels Chisora’s future lies in the boxing ring.

“I think a lot of people know his personality. At the moment he’s getting a bit impatient, in regards to when boxing will start back,” said the 17-1 MMA star.

“But I believe it will start back next month. So I’m sure he’ll get re-distracted again, and get back into what he does best. Where he is in the boxing world right now, I think it’s better for him right now to keep focused on the boxing, and jump those last few hurdles and be known as one of the great British champions.

“He’s around us a lot. He sees what we do and he loves it. We train together… We always have banter.

“He’s jumped into a couple of sessions with us to try and see what it’s about. But I truly see where his passion is when he talks about boxing, when he’s training and the effort he puts in when he’s training, I truly see his passion is still in boxing, so I don’t believe he’ll move for now.

“But he’s a wily one! We could all be wrong, he could change that!

“But from what I’ve seen from him, I think his focus, and should be anyway, his focus is on boxing.”

Chisora vs Price
Chisora hasn’t fought since his defeat of David Price in October

‘Daley won’t leave much of a legacy’

Meanwhile, MVP was quizzed about one of his most recent advisories inside the cage, Paul Daley.

“He was around when there was not many UK, British [MMA fighters]. Nobody in the UK was doing what he was doing,” mused Page.

“I think he actually ruined his moment when he had that blip in the UFC, and he’s kind of struggled to get back to that type of status again.

“People within the industry know who he is and respect him, but in terms of getting out to the masses, I think he’s struggled.

“I think he’s very jealous of what he’s seen from me. I’ve come in, I’m the new kid on the block. But I’ve made such a statement, I’ve made so much noise. People are comparing me to him a lot; two guys in the same division, from London originally. But I think he didn’t like the fact that I was getting that comparison so quickly.

“He’s trying to get something back from trying to get a fight with me and change the decision that happened in our original fight.

“His legacy for me, his most famous fight is a fight that he lost. That’s what’s unfortunate. It’s because he didn’t give himself enough time in the UFC.”

Michael Page Paul Daley MMA


MVP says rival Paul Daley’s most famous fight is a fight he lost

“I respect his talents, his power. He’s got crazy power, left and right hand,” he continued.

“I don’t find him very well-rounded, but he is strong defending wrestling, take-downs. He knows what position he’s supposed to be in. He’s very obvious about what he wants to do.

“He’s a star that a lot of fans would like, but unfortunately, his legacy is not much.”

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